So, it’s getting closer to¬†Christmas and I’ve seen a lot of ideas for counting down the days with kids, from¬†basic candy calendars (which are¬†simple and delicious) to more altruistic ideas like kindness calendars and reverse advent calendar projects where you make donations to people in need.

We may do a combination of different ideas this year but one thing we’re definitely doing is a ‘Countdown to Christmas with Picture Books’. This¬†is perfect for book-loving families like ours because you basically just¬†wrap up a month’s full of books and count down to Christmas by cuddling up together to read.

Countdown to Christmas with Picture Books

I did this with my kids a couple years ago and it was a big hit. But¬†this year¬†I wondered if they’d still be up for it considering that now they mostly like to read chapter books and middle grade novels on their own.¬†Maybe they miss reading with me as much as I miss reading with them because, when I mentioned reviving the idea, they¬†were¬†TOTALLY excited about¬†unwrapping a pile of picture books to read with their mom.¬†I’m thrilled – I miss sitting near them and reading together as much as we used to do when they were young.¬†And, as a writer,¬†I¬†still love¬†good picture books because they’re little works of art when done well. I believe¬†no one ages out of enjoying picture books.

With that in mind, I picked out a variety of picture books (mostly all¬†published¬†in 2016 and from the library)¬†that will have us laughing, learning, and¬†smiling together.¬†I’ll share about the books on the blog as we open them throughout December.¬†I can’t wait to hear about your list if you do this activity, too! Start getting your books together now so you’ll be ready to go on December 1st.





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