I love history and I love Pittsburgh – in general, I love a good story. While I rarely do editing projects anymore, I will always fondly remember these books I’ve helped edit. Check them out!

Bridges of Pittsburgh, edited by Mandy Fields Yokim




Bridges of Pittsburgh
by Bob Regan
Often called “The City of Bridges”, Pittsburgh has more bridges than any other city, including Venice, Italy. This is the definitive book on Pittsburgh’s bridges which are architectural and engineering marvels, soaring over rivers and valleys and contributing to the city’s unique sense of place. The book honors them all and includes 150 contemporary and historical photos, tour maps, and historical drawings, along with detailed tables including The Big List identifying each and every bridge in the count. The book includes ten self-guided tours for walkers, cyclists, drivers, and boaters.

Ultimate Pittsburgh Trivia
by Dane Topich
Includes over 1,000 questions and answers on Pittsburgh and the surrounding area–some notable, some amazing, some downright weird. This book will appeal to Pittsburghers far and near, trivia junkies, researchers/fact-checkers, and any Pittsburgher looking for bragging ammunition.

Grit, Smoke and Steam
by James J. Messina
This book is a collection of stories and drawings originally compiled by James J. Messina in the hand-written journal of his life. Created as a gift for his two sons, the journals chronicle his childhood days growing up in West Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, his work in the steels mills, his service in World War II and his life after discharge with his wife and children. This collection of vignettes, accompanied by the author’s own illustrations, will bring back memories for many who grew up in southwestern Pennsylvania. Messina’s youngest son, Chuck, was the driving force in seeing the manuscript to publication. His father, had he lived to see his words and drawings in print, would have been incredibly proud of his son’s unwavering dedication to seeing the project to completion.

Lucky Eddie: The Life, Times, and Family of Former U.S. Congressman, Edward G. Breen
by Edward Focke Breen
This book is an astonishing story of one man and one family who went from hardworking immigrants to wealth and political power. It is a cultural history of America from the mid-19th through the mid-20th centuries, as the central character and his extended family encountered the luminaries of their day who were shaping ideas and history.