This Halloween I dressed as the ‘Trivial Pursuit Master Game – Young Players Edition’ circa 1984. I found the old game from my childhood a few months ago when I was going through stuff at my parents’ house. What a blast from the past!

I tried the game out with my kids and found that questions like “How many sharks are there in the video game Survive?” or “What’s the number of the female agent in Get Smart?” were really dated and they had NO idea about the answer. But there were plenty of other questions that stood the test of time.

I thought it’d be fun to give you a random question from each category and see if you could answer them. Ready? *Answers at the end of the post.

Trivial Pursuit Master Game - Young Players Edition circa 1984

Trivial Pursuit Master Game – Young Players Edition circa 1984

Blue, People & Places: What country did Isabel Peron become the first female president in? (no comment on the dangling preposition)

Pink, Good Times: Does the face on a Kool-Aid package jug have eyebrows?

Yellow, Science & Technology: What does the carburetor provide for a car’s engine – air, gasoline or oil? (note: no use of the Oxford comma!)

Brown, Art & Culture: What war is the setting for The Diary of Anne Frank?

Green, Natural World: Where does a camel store its reserve of water?

Orange, Games & Hobbies: What winter sport played on ice sometimes makes a player draw to the button?



Thanks for playing  – and I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween!


*answers: Blue/Argentina, Pink/Yes, Yellow/Air, Brown/World War II, Green/Its stomach, Orange/Curling





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