The latest in my ‘Just like you were there’ series: a ride through the Fort Pitt Tunnel!

Driving through the Fort Pitt Tunnel into the city of Pittsburgh is a must-do when you visit. I remember my first time taking the drive and seeing the city appear at the end of the tunnel – it was magical and I’m sure I was like “Wow!” just like my son does at the end of this video below. And he’s seen the view already several times. It’s the experience that keeps on giving good feels especially at night with all the lights of the city. 

Here in this video, you can take the drive with me (while we listen to Wham!’s ‘Last Christmas’) and experience a little bit of the fun virtually although doing it in person and getting a full left-to-right view of it all is highly recommended. 

Enjoy! And for more ‘Just like you were there’ posts, click here.

Just like you were there: riding in the car with me through the Fort Pitt Tunnel with the beautiful lights of Pittsburgh at the end. Bonus: Wham! Christmas music in the background. If you were with me, where would we be going? What would we be doing? You can't change the radio channel, though.

Posted by Mandy Yokim on Sunday, December 3, 2017

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