In case you didn’t know, the video below is a snapshot of spring in Pittsburgh this year:

Happy Sprinter from Pittsburgh!

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Now, I love winter but a person needs some sunshine on her face by the end of March…so we escaped and went to New Orleans for spring break. And the weather was perfectly warm and sunny down there, except for one day. Thanks, Big Easy.

One of the stops I had to make was Faulkner House Books, a charming bookstore tucked on a narrow alley in the French Quarter. With a spot on several ‘bookstores-not-to-miss’ lists, people come from all over the world to stand in the space where American author William Faulkner wrote his first published novel, Soldiers’ Pay. The bookstore is small and cozy with books lining shelves from the floor to the ceiling.

While I didn’t see a copy of Faulkner’s only children’s book, The Wishing Tree, it may very well have been there in the rare books cabinet. 

Faulkner House Books sign

The sign that welcomes you into Faulkner House Books.


Inside view Faulkner House Books

Couldn’t you just find a cozy chair and sit here for awhile at Faulkner House Books?


Maximum Occupancy 12 sign

I did say it was small, right? Maximum occupancy is just 12 at Faulkner House Books.


Thinking of Home Book

I bought this book at Faulkner House Books along with a beautiful edition of The Hobbit for my girl.


It was ‘just like you were there’!

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